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At the special time ,what the trends of the lead acid batte

Time: 2020-03-23 15:42  View:77

At the special time ,what the trends of the  lead acid battery going ?
At the beginning time ,as china affected the coronvirus affected ,all factories delay the holiday time ,until  end of Feb ,many factory recovery to work .even though still has some automotive  battery  factories production capacity is not fully recovery to normal ,but as china sitution going better ,all thing will be better .
As the coronvirus spread in korea  quickly and now has   7382 person be confirmed infected .still has many south korea people are not  aware of this virus seriousness;  ,so they have not done enough protective action  ,like they  wear mask as possible and less go out to meet other people and wash hands .so there must be have  very very big  spreading ,then all thing same thing will comes like wuhan city , huge people be infected ,and some city need closed and factories will closed ,and people must stay at home and required  don't go out ,reduce the chance of  cross infection .
Korea Lead ingot export quantity and their domestic consumption ,which  Total proportion of 6.9% and 5.3%.and the most export to china .
fistly ,it will affect china  lead price .and will affected their  vehicle battery manufacturer production ,like rocket battery . if their coronvirus  still keep spread ,these factories actually will be affected .
In china ,about 30~40% lead imported from other countries ,the top five countries be Russian ,Austria,Peru,Spain and Myanmar .at the present ,these countries has not big affection  by coronvirus  .so china's lead price should be stable ,but still need keep an eye on it .