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Help you to know the auto batteries different types

Time: 2020-03-23 16:58  View:90

Auto batteries are mainly know as   2 categories, dry charged type  and maintenance free type .

Dry charged  not include acid  inside the battery ,the retailer will filled with acid and  charge it before selling it .But during the usage ,the user need check the  battery  water line ,if it already be close to the Min water line ,must add  Distilled water in time ,or  will affected the battery lifetime . so it is not so  convinent  .

Maintenance free (MF) Type  it is sealed ,include acid and charged ,after you bought the battery finished installation ,you can use it directly ,during the usage no need to maintenance .so it will be morely used in the now times .

Dry charged type and MF type also has  JIS Standards (JIS Series ) and EN DIN Standards (DIN series) .

JIS series  suitable for Korea and Japan brand cars ,like toyaka ,honda ,BYD ,Nissan ,etc

Din series suitable for Europe brand cars ,like Benz,BMW,AUDI,Volkswagen,etc

Also has  BCI series ,it mainly refer to the America brand cars ,like  Hummer ,Ford ,Cadillac,etc.

As different models cars need different size   car battery ,so choose the right size battery for your cars ,is very important .
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